Environmentally Conscious Holidays

november-post-turkeyAs Thanksgiving comes upon us, we can’t help but get excited about all the fun things this season brings us, friends, family, and of course, delicious food. While our minds are occupied with thoughts about savory thanksgiving dishes, and calling dibs on the last slice of pumpkin pie, there is one thing that has stood out about this year’s thanksgiving- the weather. Just today, a week before thanksgiving, we’ve experienced a temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit, a significant difference from last year’s 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Today, the wonderful people of Las Cruces could bask in the sun without the need of a sweater. Thinking upon previous years, we recall that around this time, the weather was quite chilly.

What could be the cause of this temperature difference? The answer is global warming. As surprising as it may seem, we often attribute the warm weather due to just “a New Mexico thing.” We New Mexicans like our weather how we like our salsa, hot. However, this is not an excuse to avoid the major impact global warming has on our beautiful weather. It is reported that at least 95% of New Mexico has been impacted by global climate change in the last decade. Our city and surrounding areas are highly populated with rich agricultural lands, and climate change poses a threat to the billion-dollar agricultural industry, something that is crucial to Southern New Mexico.

The problem will not solve itself, and we do not have to go to extreme measures in order to alleviate some of the negative effects global warming has on our state. Recycling is a good and efficient way to make a difference. By recycling things such as cans and bottles, you reduce carbon emissions, and help make more energy-efficient products (to name a few). Recycling bins are available almost everywhere, schools, restaurants, and even homes. Tackling the global warming issue can be as easy as putting your recycling bin out on the curb, just like you do regularly with your trash bin. The South Central Solid Waste Authority (SCSWA) provides free residential drop-off recycling services. There are eight convenient locations in Anthony, Butterfield, Garfield, Hatch, Hill, La Mesa, La Union, and Mesquite. The South Central Solid Waste Authority website provides helpful information on which materials to recycle, locations, and additional information about their services.

While enjoying the weather and joyful atmosphere (and of course, the food) that this time of year brings us, let us not forget to be environmentally conscious. Small steps in the household can make significant changes for the environment and in the long run, contribute to the betterment of our home, state, and world.scswa_thanksgiving-2016