By Cassie McClure and Suzanne Michaels Myths can create a dense fog around truth. With China’s “National Sword” action, overnight the nation now refuses to accept low quality and dirty recyclables. That’s turned recycling across the globe on its ear. The action forces everyone to clean up their recycling to produce quality material – that results in fast-approaching recycling changes. This is the time to remember why our city has chosen to be “green”, and time to bust some of the myths popping up in online conversations about the South Central Solid Waste Authority (SCSWA) and its recycling program: The Profit Myth: Recycling makes money,Read More →

Prescription Drugs Tack Back 1 2 Prescription DrugsA controlled substance Prescription drugs are controlled substances regulated by federal and state laws.  The DEA requirements for disposal of controlled substances shall not be construed as affecting or altering in any way the disposal of controlled substances through procedures in laws and regulations. Who Can Accept Prescription Drugs? Only law enforcement entities or entities deputized by the DEA and falling under the DEA’s law enforcement exception can accept prescription drugs for disposal. SCSWA  does not fall under the law enforcement exception and is not a law enforcement entity.  Therefore, SCSWA does NOT prescription drugs for take back. Read More →

IDP News Release Contact: Jamie Dickerman (505) 720-2195, Las Cruces, NM – March 27, 2018 – Warm spring weather is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to celebrate and enjoy time outside. To start your spring season with a fresh start, thorough spring cleaning can lead to reduced clutter, reduced stress and a cleaner, happier home. While it might seem like a daunting task, the Doña Ana County Illegal Dumping Partnership (IDP) has tips to make the process easier. “Spring cleaning is a chance for a fresh start to a new season,” said Vicki Lusk, Manager of Doña Ana County AnimalRead More →

What do Plastic Recycling Symbols and Numbers Mean? Have you ever wondered what the numbers, or recycling symbols mean at the bottom of plastic bottles and containers?  Well, the symbol doesn’t always mean that the item can be recycled.  The recycling symbol is often used interchangeably to show that an item: Is made from recycled-content. Can be recycled – but is dependent upon your city/county’s recycling guidelines. What exactly is a rigid plastic? Rigid plastics are known as any non-bottle plastic and often has a hard, non-pliable texture.  Rigid plastics also include non-durable plastics such as plastic tubs and cups. A Closer Look at PlasticsRead More →

What NOT to Recycle! 1 Why Can’t I Recycle Everything?Not Everything is Recyclable Not everything that you collect for recycling has a market.  Keep in mind that recycling is like any other business and is driven by the economics of supply and demand.  Factors that impact the market include: manufacturer/mills demand for the material, proximity to manufactures and mills, their willingness to pay for the material,  etc.  Things that influence manufactures and mills demand is consumer demand for the product they make.  This is why it’s important to also buy products made from recycled material.  By buying products made from recycled content, we are closingRead More →

By Cassie McClure and Suzanne Michaels LAS CRUCES – “Our Las Cruces recycling program is evolving,” explained Patrick Peck, South Central Solid Waste Authority (SCSWA) director. “China has dramatically changed the rules of the recycling game – no longer accepting low-quality or contaminated recyclables – so we are urging our recycling processor, Friedman Recycling, to focus on domestic markets to process our recyclables.”  “In order to work with domestic markets, we want high-quality, known recyclables that are easy to identify, and are already prevalent in our mix,” he said. “We are asking our residents to remember the ‘Fab 5’ when they have questions about what goes into theirRead More →

You might think of the phrase “out with the old, in with the new” as Spring nears, and perhaps you’re thinking about doing spring cleaning in your home, or maybe even renovations. Springtime is always a good time to do this, because the cold, brisk days of winter are fading, and it is the time right before the sweltering heat of the Southern New Mexico begins to take over. With daylight savings time also occurring in this season, you have more sunshine in the day to work, making spring cleaning more efficient to do. You might think to yourself, “is it possible to be environmentallyRead More →

Recycling in Las Cruces works. However, new quality standards have emerged and have drastically changed the rules of the game.  To meet the evolving changes to recycling, we re urging our processor, Friedman Recycling, to focus on domestic markets to process our recyclables.  Although, we have not banned much of the items we prviously listed as accpeted, we are strongly urging residents to remember the Fab 5 when they question what goes in the blue bins and dumpsters. What are the Fab 5? Corrugated Cardboard Not your Kleenex boxes, but your Amazon boxes. Is it sturdy and does it have ridges? These can be remadeRead More →

Why Recycle Aluminum Cans? Aluminum and tin recycling provides many environmental, economic and community benefits.  It saves energy, time, money and natural resources; and often it generates jobs and helps to pay for community services that make life better for millions of people. Recycling aluminum cans not only saves energy, but it also avoids the mining of new Bauxite ore used for aluminum production. Every year, recycling aluminum cans avoids nearly 5 percent of the world’s total mining of Bauxite – and that’s just from recycling aluminum cans. There is no limit to how many times aluminum can be recycled. That’s why recycling aluminum isRead More →