By Suzanne Michaels Everyone is welcome to drop off recyclables in the recycling dumpsters at area schools. You don’t have to be a student, teacher, or staff member to use the big blue 6-cubic yard recycling dumpsters; they are intended for use by the school and the surrounding neighborhood. Fifty-one (51) dumpsters at 39 schools are open to all!   More than 30,000 homes in Las Cruces have residential curbside recycling bins, but in case you don’t… drop off is as close as the nearest school. In the County there are more opportunities to recycle: 8 Collection Center facilities where residents can bring recyclables andRead More →

By Suzanne Michaels   With 5 drive-ins and one main office location, Sonic Drive-Ins of Las Cruces are committed to waste reduction and recycling. Senior Marketing Director, Donna Volz, notes, “It’s the right thing to do, and great for the environment. Our goal is to be good neighbors and citizens within the community; recycling helps us achieve that goal.”   Sonic Drive-Ins of Las Cruces started recycling in October 2009. Like many other local businesses, Sonic’s main recyclable is carboard. The latest numbers show the popular drive-in restaurants recycle 7,927 lbs every week – that’s 3.96 tons every seven days. By the end of theRead More →