According to a study by the Recycling Partnership, prior to COVID-19, the U.S. only captured roughly 32% of the 37.4 million tons of collected single-family recyclables. This means over 20 million tons of single-family recyclables ended up in landfills. Due to the Pandemic, those figures are likely to change, regrettably not for the better. That is why setting zero-waste goals could go a long way towards protecting our environment.
As families are staying home, ordering takeout and online products more than ever before, the amounts of recyclables and trash are increasing. To help divert recyclables from going to the landfill, it is important to know what should “not” go in your blue recycling bin and limit what goes in your trash bin. Let us recycle right, by following these tips:

Recycle Right Tips:

  • Don’t throw PPE masks and gloves in blue bins
  • Don’t bag your recyclables
  • Don’t throw plastic bags in blue bins
  • Don’t throw Styrofoam in blue bins
  • Don’t throw plates and cutlery from takeout in blue bins
  • Don’t throw food-tainted items in blue bins
  • Don’t throw napkins or paper towels in blue bins
  • Don’t throw plastic straws in blue bins (avoid using them)
  • Don’t throw tanglers in blue bins (i.e., cords, hoses, wires, zip-ties, etc.)
  • Don’t throw wood pallets, clothes, or trash in blue bins
  • Break-down all cardboard boxes

Waste Reduction Tips:

  • Process your food waste and kitchen scraps at your local compost facility or if you can, compost at home
  • Don’t bag your groceries at the store – ask that they be placed back into your shopping cart after purchasing, then bag them yourself at your vehicle
  • Buy food without packaging or minimal packaging
  • Use reusable water bottles
  • Substitute tissues for handkerchiefs
  • Re-purpose or repair old items
  • Recycle glass by dropping off glass bottles and jars at the

Las Cruces Recycling Center,
2855 W. Amador or the

Foothills Recycling Yard,
555 S. Sonoma Ranch Blvd.
Las Cruces, NM.








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