The South Central Solid Waste Authority (SCSWA) alerts the community that spray paint vandalism of blue bins should be reported to the Las Cruces police department at (575) 526-0795 and press #6.

“We are currently involved in a project to help educate our customers about what’s recyclable and what’s not,” explains Tarkeysha Burton, SCSWA Education and Outreach Coordinator. The SCSWA “Tug, Tip, Tag and Turn” program underway now and for the next few weeks involves recycling auditors who check the blue bins to see if the contents are acceptable recyclables. Even with this program, blue curbside bins will be serviced on their regular pickup day.

Auditors will hang either an “Oops!” tag or a “Thank you!” tag on the bin after it is inspected to notify customers that they are either in compliance with high quality, no contamination guidelines… or they are not in compliance, and are filling the blue bin with trash, food waste, non-recyclable items, or other types of contamination.

Please report spray painting of bins to the Las Cruces Police Department at (575) 526-0795 and press #6.