Rio Grande Recycling Corridor launches ‘Know What to Throw’ campaign by: Allison Keys

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Rio Grande Recycling Corridor is a group made up of recycling and solid waste agencies from Las Cruces to Santa Fe. They recently launched a multi-faceted public education “Know What to Throw” campaign teaching New Mexicans how to recycle.

As part of the campaign, the group released their version of myth busters to dispel misbeliefs about what it takes to recycle and what you can recycle. KRQE News 13 anchor David Romero spoke with the executive director of the Rio Grande Recycling Coalition, Sarah Pierpont, and director of the South Central Solid Waste Authority, Patrick Peck to discuss the campaign.

Sarah explains that there are many myths about recycling with one of them being that recycling doesn’t matter. “There’s so much investment of time and energy and resources for our cities and communities to divert that material from the landfill to the recycling,” said Sarah. “It’s a commodity, and markets want that commodity to make new material.”

Recycling that is contaminated is no longer a commodity and turns the recycling into trash. For example, if a greasy food container it placed with recycleable paper, the paper now has residue on it that makes it unable to be recycled.

It’s easy to recycle as most communities in New Mexico offer curbside recycling. The Know What to Throw campaign helps residents learn how to recycle right and offers an interactive map showing recycling services across the state.

For additional information about recycling services, visit the New Mexico Recycling Coalition’s website.

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