By Suzanne Michaels for The Sun-News

20150616__LSN-L-GREEN%20CONNECT-0617~p2LAS CRUCES >> “The South Central Solid Waste Authority has been a strong partner and supporter of New Mexico Recycling Coalition efforts,” said NMRC director English Bird. “The agency is also a regional leader providing a comprehensive list of recycling services, as well as growing its various waste diversion programs.”

As a result, said Bird, “We are delighted to honor the SCSWA with the Distinguished Member award.”

The New Mexico Recycling Coalition board recently developed the award to recognize entities that have been “significant contributors to both the state of recycling in New Mexico and the NMRC,” according to Bird.

Distinguished members are selected by the entire NMRC board; the new award is intended to honor businesses and agencies that have been extraordinarily active in recycling for at least 10 years. The commendation helps bring public attention to outstanding contributions to the culture of recycling in the state.

untitledThe SCSWA, established in 1992, is an award-winning agency providing solid waste and recycling services to the city and county, serving a total population of more than 250,000 in southern New Mexico. Additionally, the SCSWA provides services to Sierra County, the cities of Sunland Park and Anthony, and has plans to expand school recycling programs beyond Las Cruces Public Schools to include the Gadsden and Hatch school districts in the next fiscal year.

The SCSWA has become a model for recycling and diversion innovation in the state, successfully going “above and beyond” with programs like tire shredding, glass collection and crushing, green waste diversion, and electronics recycling.

The SCSWA system integrates waste diversion programs including business recycling, single stream recycling, curbside residential collections, household hazardous waste collection, and drop-off opportunities for green waste, glass, white goods, scrap metal and e-scrap. As a final resort solid waste is disposed of in Corralitos Regional Landfill.

SCSWA director Patrick Peck is the president of the NMRC board of directors and has served in that capacity for the past two years; the SCSWA has assisted in funding various NMRC projects.

The SCSWA also actively publicizes recycling and diversion efforts with successful and ongoing public outreach and education that has increased community enthusiasm for diversion, engaging both residents and elected officials. The SCSWA has also helped spotlight partnering agencies in efforts like the Illegal Dumping Partnership.

Green Connections is submitted by the South Central Solid Waste Authority (SCSWA), managing solid waste and recyclables and fighting illegal dumping for residents and businesses in the city and county. You can reach the SCSWA at 575-528-3800.