SCSWA Wins Award for Resiliency and Safety By: Cassie McClure October 8, 2021

Headline: SCSWA Wins Award for Resiliency and Safety

Submitted by South Central Solid Waste Authority

Date: October 8, 2021 (Bulletin)

South Central Solid Waste Authority (SCSWA) received the new 2021 Resiliency/Safety Entity of the Year award at the 2021 New Mexico Recycling & Solid Waste Conference in Albuquerque on September 22. The conference was hosted by the New Mexico Recycling Coalition (NMRC) and the Roadrunner Chapter of the New Mexico Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA).

“SCSWA responded to the COVID-19 pandemic in a transparent and innovative manner and immediately recognized the importance of keeping solid waste and recycling professionals safe and on the job,” said Sarah Pierpont, NMRC executive director. “This category of essential workers was often overlooked, but how can we have safe and healthy communities if our solid waste isn’t disposed of properly?”

Pierpont explained that the new award highlights the unprecedented challenges faced alongside a community’s need to keep services going as they are essential workers during shutdowns.

“This is a new award category that will be given to the person and/or the program that designed and implemented appropriate safety protocols in an ever-changing public health landscape,” she said. “To ensure consistent service, SCSWA limited interactions between people, developed new cleaning protocols, updated policies and procedures, and most importantly worked together as a team to keep each other safe and healthy.”

In response to the pandemic, like so many other essential entities, SCSWA had to develop and implement new safety protocols quickly. These included finding creative solutions, such as repurposing pool chemicals as sanitizers when cleaning supplies were limited.

“Our staff was the boots on the ground that kept the doors open and the trucks on the road; they made this recognition possible,” said Patrick Peck, SCSWA director.

Notice: SCSWA will be switching to Daylights Savings time on Friday, October 1, for all 8 County Collections sites. The new hours will be 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The last load will be 15 minutes before closing. For more information on which site is closest to you, go to:

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Caption: SCSWA Director Patrick Peck accepts the Resiliency/Safety Entity of the Year award from NMRC Executive Director Sarah Pierpont.