New Service Rates Starting July 1, 2021

Minimum and Common Disposal Fees

Service Type New Rate
Minimum Fee $6.19 Load
Fixed Price 1 $6.19 Load
Fixed Price 2 $12.38 Load
Flat Rate No Tax $12.38 Load
Price Per ton Amador Ave T.S. $45.86 Ton
Dump per ton Corralitos Landfill $40.04 Ton

Solid Waste/Trash Fees

Service Type New Rate
Animal Shelter $8.74 Load
Commercial Special Waste $52.00 Ton
Curbside MSW $14.74 Month
MSW T or C $52.19 Ton
Once a month Grappler with MSW curbsie $1.84 Month
Industrial, Petroleum Contaminated Soil (PCS) and Industrial Waste $52.00 Ton
Asbestos $89.00 Ton
Industrial Waste $52.00 Ton
Petroleum Contaminated Soil (PCS) $52.00 Ton
Sludge $22.29 Ton
Special Waste $52.00 Ton


Service Type New Rate
Bulk Tire Amador Ave. TTS $52.00 Ton
Bulk Tire Corralitos $52.00 Ton
Tires $3.12 Each
Tires Large (Over 18") $10.40 Each

Construction and Demolition (C and D)

Service Type New Rate
C and D and Dump Corralitos $40.04 Ton

Anima/Offal Disposal Fees

Service Type New Rate
Large Animal $30.00 Each
Medium Animal $15.00 Each
Small Animal $10.00 Each
Offal $52.00 Ton

Commercial and Residential Recycling Fees

Service Type New Rate
Curbside Recycling $7.35 Month
Single Stream Recycling $114.40 Ton
Commercial Recycling Additional Pick-up $40.00 Each
Commercial Recycling One-time Pick-up $80.00 Month


Service Type New Rate
E-scrap (NO Televisions) $0.00 Load
Televisions/Monitors (up to 3) $6.28 Each
Illegal Dumping/Community Cleanup $22.93 Ton
Refrigerant Removal $25.00 Each
Safety Vests $6.19 Each
Mobile Home $500.00 Each
Untarped Load Fee $16.38 Load

Reycling and MSW Roll-off/Compactor Type Service Fees

Service Type New Rate
Roll-off for MSW or Recycling and/or Compactor Type Service $177.78 Pull